Holiday wishes in the midst of so many searches

I wanted to take a chance to chime in and give folks something positive to think about. While some searches has yielded challenges, there have been successes that have occurred. I cannot share the details, but let’s just say someone already has a reunion to consider amongst the clients I have been working with these past few months.

Many of the searches have matured into much finer details and granularities attempting to weed out false information and refine the accuracy of each individual. Others have possibilities to explore, but they just don’t align perfectly with the non-identifying information.

During the daylight hours over lunches and breaks I have been expanding the social media side of “Search Angels” and soared to a height of around five-hundred-seventy-five Twitter followers. Many are adoptees or people involved in the adoption triad. It might be worth your time to join in and listen to the feedback, ideas, tips, enlightenment and inspiration shared there. There is much to absorb, even if you peruse some of the alternative blogs being written.

In-between grinding out genealogical trees, I have taken time out to read books on people and cultures surrounding some of my searches. That includes books dedicated to specific family surnames, and cultural books surrounding the history of specific regions, so I can better understand the movement of people throughout their country and historical context.

I want to thank one and all for their patience as we plod forward into the unknown. I know full well what it is like to be in the midst of so many relatives, yet unable to pin down just where my close birth relatives are. Feedback is always welcome, if you have any suggestions based on your own exploration of the genealogical trees and cousins we have come across.

As the holidays approach once again, I want to wish everyone a happy and peaceful season. Know that I consider you all my extended family as I have become so familiar with the names of people that surround your mysteries.