Your search begins where you may have left off after years on your own, or you may be starting from the very beginning. We encourage visitors to read up on other adoptee searches that have been published. There is a lot to learn about the ways other people cope emotionally, and the different ways connections and clues have led to discoveries never considered before. Some people experience revelations that come close to nothing short of a miracle or miraculous coincidences during their search. Although we will not take sides on which, neither would have happened had these people not been looking in the first place. If there is one single bit of advice we can share it would be to take and organize your notes and discoveries carefully while you travel along your journey. You never know what small clue might be sitting amongst your pile of notes that when pieced together with something new could conclude your search.

There is absolutely no searching or posting of information about minors on our website. Please make sure to understand your States legal age of adoptee information before initiating a search by reaching out to us.

state by state adoption reform

Please refer to this link hosted by the American Adoption Congress (AAC), which maintains a list of state by state legislative actions status as it relates to the availability of original birth certificates (OBC) and other information adoptees can attain through their states of birth.


Your contributions allows us to connect people, sustain partnerships and maintain our online resources. As well as pay for lengthy phone calls, and other dedicated hours spent with the adoptees. We are constantly striving to bring the best resources available to steer you toward educational resources, including the latest techniques in traditional searching methodologies, DNA third party testing companies, genealogy techniques and other search databases online.

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Gather all the information you have collected over your initial search or learn where we recommend you start. We will help guide you on the next best steps to take based upon your current situation and circumstances. Sometimes that means retracing steps you thought you covered, to seeking out recommended DNA companies to find genetically linked cousins or close relatives. Hope is your best friend. Always look for ways to revive it.

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