faster paced searches

Some of us started to think about finding our birth family not too long ago. While others, have been spending many years wondering how to make progress on their search for birth family. While we offer a free basic service, there is a queue of people waiting on a search angel to assist them. Those who choose a faster paced search can skip to the front of that line and receive our premium attention right away.

our service

Professional research focused on finding your birth family through traditional search and DNA test results examination. We work with your account; your cost to maintain a subscription is not included.


Research to identify an accurate picture of the adoptees' biological family based on evidence available and DNA test results interpreted by our expert genetic genealogists.


There will be an ongoing correspondence made throughout the process of work to give the adoptee an idea how well information gathering is progressing and meeting the evolving areas of focus as challenges present themselves.

paid SERVICE levels


Some searches just require a lot of research that goes well beyond the typical effort proposed at our other levels. While we might recommend more time be devoted to your search, our goal is to give you the attention you deserve, no matter what level you choose we will try and accommodate your budget.

Each level of search is chosen at the time you fill out your search form. You can choose a basic search level and then change your mind later by going to our upgrade basic search page.