What is a Search angel?

There are many adoption search assistants within the adoption community. Some of them are called adoption Search Angels. An adoption Search Angel volunteers their time and talents to help families touched by adoption. They seek answers for biological parents and/or an adoptees reaching out to find each other.

Adoption Search Angels can help an adoptee locate birth family by acquiring as much information as available. This may also include the adoptee's non-identifying information, DNA test results (that may show close cousins that they are genetically related to), or by other traditional search means. Search Angels also explore registries trying to help an adoptee find answers to their roots. Search Angels are people just like you. People who want to give a little peace to families with questions.

Some of the information a Search Angel might ask you for include...

  • Your name and what part of the adoption triad you hold in this search (whether adoptee, adopted mother or father, grandmother, etc.)
  • The date of birth of adoptee.
  • State of birth of the adoptee.
  • The non-identifying information your birth state adoption agency can provide to you. Small clues can be obtained through the non-ID info. Even the smallest bit of information may become key to finding your family member.
  • And any other known information collected over your lifetime about your birth family.

Adoption Search Angels do not search for minor children. To begin an adoption search, one must be at least 18-years-old. It's also important to know that true adoption Search Angels do not charge for their services, but can ask for reimbursement for some fees incurred while searching or giving your search a lot more time and effort on a weekly basis. 

The form below is used primarily for individuals who are eighteen years or older who will be requesting assistant from searchangels.com in an active search. Additional information may be required for identification or missing information from this form. Please do not submit this form unless your intent is to work with the owner of searchangels.com or another Search Angel volunteer or group we feel would serve your interest better. Collaboration and trust are at the center of any search.

Levels of service we offer

This past year has seen a level of adoptee searches hitting us at unprecedented levels. So much so, that we have decided to add levels of services beyond a basic search. Is it still free to have your search conducted? Absolutely. However, we have added four fee based, "one year subscription levels" of service called Paced, Dedicated, Exclusive or Deep Dive. They are basically a low cost, yearly flat rate service fee, that gives you a heightened level of our participation and prioritization of your adoptee search.

We want to emphasize that we still want to provide everyone the chance to find their birth families at no cost, but setting aside the time required for each individual case can become daunting without setting realistic expectations.

birth mother, father or sibling of an adoptee

Birth mothers, birth fathers, or siblings of adoptees, note that our group is not equipped to assist you on your search. All our searches are based off genetic genealogy. The best advice we can give is that you put yourself out there in the DNA community by taking a DNA test yourself. As DNA testing is frequently used by adoptees to find their birth family members, it is not unusual for them to find their birth family members in their DNA test results. Right now, the most popular DNA testing companies are AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, and 23andMe. However, there are many others making progress - like MyHeritage. Please do not expect a different response than the one described here by using our contact form. It is not that we do not feel an overwhelming desire to help you, we just are not aligned to fit your specific search requirements.

Our search queue

As we make great efforts to expand our list of volunteer search angels, we want to make it clear where we stand on our queue of basic cases still waiting for a search angel, and active cases. Understand that our faster paced searches; paced, dedicated, exclusive and deep dive,  get prioritization over our basis searches.

Updated on: April 23rd, 2018