What is a Search angel?

There are many adoption search assistants within the adoption community. Some of them are called adoption Search Angels. An adoption Search Angel volunteers their time and talents to help families touched by adoption.

Adoption Search Angels can help an adoptee locate birth family by acquiring as much information as available. This may also include the adoptee's non-identifying information, DNA test results (that may show close cousins that they are genetically related to), or by other traditional search means. Search Angels also explore registries trying to help an adoptee find answers to their roots. Search Angels are people just like you. People who want to give a little peace to families with questions.

Some of the information a Search Angel might ask you for include...

  • Your name and what part of the adoption triad you hold in this search (whether adoptee, adopted mother or father, grandmother, etc.)

  • The date of birth of adoptee.

  • State of birth of the adoptee.

  • The non-identifying information your birth state adoption agency can provide to you. Small clues can be obtained through the non-ID info. Even the smallest bit of information may become key to finding your family member.

  • And any other known information collected over your lifetime about your birth family.

Adoption Search Angels do not search for minor children. To begin an adoption search, one must be at least 18-years-old. It's also important to know that true adoption Search Angels do not charge for their services, but can ask for reimbursement for some fees incurred while searching or giving your search a lot more time and effort on a weekly basis. 

The form below is used primarily for individuals who are eighteen years or older who will be requesting assistant from searchangels.org in an active search. Additional information may be required for identification or missing information from this form. Please do not submit this form unless your intent is to work with the owner of searchangels.org or another Search Angel volunteer or group we feel would serve your interest better. Collaboration and trust are at the center of any search.

birth mother, father or sibling of an adoptee

Birth mothers, birth fathers, or siblings of adoptees, note that our group is not equipped to assist you on your search. However, we do offer a reunion registry for you to submit your information to. If a match is made, we will reach out to you!

Levels of service we offer

Over time the shear volume of biological family searches have been submitted at unprecedented levels. So much so, that we have decided to add levels of services beyond basic search. Is it still free to submit a basic search. However, we now provide additional levels called Paced, Dedicated, Exclusive or Deep Dive. They are a low cost, yearly flat rate service fees, that gives you a heightened level of our participation (hours per/week) and prioritization over those waiting in our queue at the basic search level. It is not unusual for the average basic search submission to take over eight weeks just to be assigned a search angel. While a our paced, dedicated, exclusive and deep dive cases can be assigned a search angel within the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours after submission.

basic search queue vs active searches

On average, our search angels are actively involved on four cases at the same time. Some actually take on quite a lot more searches than others. It all depends on their availability and advanced skill sets. We are always working to recruit more volunteers to keep up with the constant demand.

Q: How do search angels pick their cases?
A: The vast majority of cases are chosen based on who have taken and completed an AncestryDNA test; followed by other DNA test company results. If you have not taken a DNA test, you may find yourself in our queue indefinitely; unless you have a lot of compelling clues that will help lead us on a traditional search (without an autosomal DNA test).

Q: How long will I be waiting to get a search angel to help me with my basic search?
A: It could taken anywhere between a few weeks to four months.

Paid search receive priority over free searches, within one to three days of purchase, simply because we need to keep our nonprofit funded to pay for overhead costs. Most funding goes into the recruitment of more qualified genetic genealogists.

This chart is a snapshot in time and not something that will be updated frequently.