Spreading your wings

Many of my adoptee searchers have gone independent with their searches, or have put their search on hold to come up for air. Others have started to reach out to their biological cousins for assistance in helping them. I encourage those who have done so to embrace the search and the people they have made contact with.

As much as I am familiar with many searches extensively, I do not need to be the only one contributing to it. This is not about me, it really is about the individuals this effects the most; the adoptees and birth family seeking the truth.

Those I am still continuing to help, I am happy to devote whatever time and energy I can put into your search. For those who have embraced their search with others I encourage you to stay dedicated to it. Please reach out to me if and when you seek more assistance. I appreciate all the trust, documentation, and patience everyone has given to me.

Please reach out to inquire about where things stand or anything else you feel comfortable sharing. It is encouraging to see at least half of those I started with have taken it upon themselves to grow more independent of my involvement. Know that I am available to pickup wherever you leave off or offer any search assistance I can contribute upon request.

For those who I continue to work with, know that I am doing what I can to expand my knowledge and documentation to prove each step we take deeper into your genealogy and DNA test results. If you have not heard from me recently or need an idea regarding where I am with your genealogy, please reach out and request an update. If you have more clues to share or a direction you feel might give us better chances, please share your thoughts.