The number of people it took to potentially solve an adoptees search. I won’t share any personal details beyond the number. I just feel that I have reached a point were there may be some validity to test.

While I enjoy sharing progress being made, it is important that I not break the trust of anyone I work with. I am hopeful that they can find peace with the clues we have been given and the individuals we may have found. Fortunately for them we may actually have pictures they can use to identify themselves with.

Taking circumstantial evidence and evolving it into substantive truth will take more effort, but I feel we are close enough to start examining the possibility. I may anonymously share the results with another geneticist, but leave all names and locations of these people out of the conversation.

If the adoptee happens to be reading this post, it is important to understand that there are many living relatives in both of these potential birth relative families. Which means a lot information could be gathered and learned about to broaden the perspective and wealth of family history.

Time will tell, if we go down further into the rabbit hole or appreciate what has been uncovered and sit here a while to soak it all in. Sometimes the gravity of actually finding someone who may fit our profile of information can be a bit much to absorb and care should be taken to come to terms with the possibility.

My thoughts are with my adoptee friend this evening.