Searching and Updates

This weekend I had some expert advice from someone dear to me on my own search. Based upon her suggestions I added a volunteer section to the site for genealogists. The idea behind this is to grow my abilities to assist adoptees and birth parents with their genealogy. This week alone I likely added about a thousand people to multiple trees for folks.

Under the “Take Action” section I have added a section for “State by State Adoption Reform”. I would encourage each active member I am working with to check out what resources are available to you. Legislation changes each year and I would discourage you from neglecting what things you can perform in the states you were either adopted in or put a child up for adoption. I have also added some books on genealogy in the “Links” page under the “Searching” menu. 

Some notes on the blog. If you want to make any comments regarding any of my posts you can click on the title of each post and write in the field at the bottom of the post. It also contains social media links.

My plans are to add resources describing how best to work with trees. While I want to ease the building out of your genealogical trees, I also want you to learn how to work with them as well.