I spread my time between five different searches today. Starting from early in the morning and then several hours this evening. It required note taking because each case is taking on unique challenges. It feels as if I am reading five different books. However, I am having to proof read (to continue the analogy) the last paragraph before I can go into the reading again. Otherwise I start to confuse facts and fictions yet to be proven.

To think there was a time in my own search that I felt overwhelmed with all the information I was parsing in my head. Here I am doing it five times over. However, rest assured this is much easier from my perspective than the last occupation I had. Where I had twenty-four open cases.

I am able to plow through trees a lot faster and make cross-references to good information. Oddly enough two of the people I am working with have their birthdays today. They put off making contact with potential leads because they wanted to avoid anything that might make their birthday a day they did not want to remember; perfectly understandable.

I have some people on the fence with their progress, others in the heat of decision making toward awkward phone calls, and others recovering from what might have been a brick wall we hit. It’s never easy. I even shared some tips on what it felt like to be in reunion. It runs the gambit, at times feeling like the title of this post.

I appreciate everyone’s patience while I make whatever progress I can on your individual cases. I know it’s not easy to wait, when that seems to be the theme of this journey. However, from my vantage point everyone has leads and progress to be made, so altogether things are moving in a constructive direction. I just wish I had more hours in the day. But don’t we all?