A birth mother’s search for her son

I worked on putting together a possible identity for a birth mother’s son this evening. It is based on notes she shared with me today, but I cannot be sure of the name of the individual. The family this male resides in has very few records I can find in recent time. It will take some digging to prove or disprove his actual name and birth date, to try and qualify this guess as genuine.

So for now I have something to go by, and perhaps she does too. I tried looking for social media pages and have some ideas on siblings and whom they married. Yet it still feels jumbled and not accurate enough to produce something to grab hold of. So I will walk away from it this evening and give my mind some time to think on it more.

This perspective is different than I am used to. It’s rare that I work from the birth mother’s side. Although with enough notes and clues to work with it I feel there is some ways I can expand the pattern of search. As sad as it sounds, I am actually looking for a recent death in the family that can provide an obituary to gain some perspective on modern family names. Unfortunately, I may have to find another way than go a reaping through this family tree.

Perhaps some other social media may lend more clues in time. It is hard to imagine the forty-something crowd not hanging their hat somewhere on Facebook. It’s quickly becoming that place where the children of the late nineteen-sixties still consider cool. I know, I am one of them. But I also know, if I think it’s cool my ten year old daughter likely thinks it’s not!