Sometimes it is just perseverance that moves us onward. Even when things seem impossible, the journey really does test us to plod forward through the doubts and find a way.

One of the adoptees I am helping showed some real courage today and I am glad the effort was afforded and her faith to leap towards the goal was not blotted out by forty-years of searching discouragement.

We’re at a phase where there is still doubt in all the facts. However, at this juncture there is one thing still alive. Hope. All I can say is that takes a rare kind of dedication to stick with it that long and not fall pray to hopelessness.

I applaud her stamina, even though I know she has every reason before working with me to feel down or defeated. I found it initially difficult to remain positive with all her years of looking resonating, even emanating from her voice. All the DNA results were way far off.

We had a breakthrough that just had too many stars aligning to ignore and did she bury it with doubts? Nope. I cannot even fathom the kind of stamina it must take to keep that candle burning that long. My search took one year. How can I even compare? I simply cannot.

So for this one weekend, while all the possible relatives are away, she gets to live with a small warmth that has not been there for quite some time. Even if this individual turns out to just be a closer DNA relative, this weekend it could be a half brother. This weekend she may have met family she has never known.

My thoughts and prayers will be with her this weekend, and I hope that the impossible is true.