Finding new genetic relatives can rekindle hope

Once autosomal test results are completed they will sit for months or even years with no one closer than distant cousins popping up amongst new relatives that align themselves with our accounts; no matter which company we are working with. However, on rare occasion a closer relative will appear that can have the potential to add great value to our search.

This happen recently to an adoptee I am working with who had only distant relatives in their search results. We went from fourth to distant relatives, to now having full access to a family tree of a third cousin. While there is no way to tell if this will be a boon that produces results quickly, or not, it does help rekindle hope that was dwindling before.

Every DNA company promises that new tests results are being performed all the time and close relatives could be showing up alongside our results, if we just can just be patient. To me, that just sounds like an advertising hype. Yet, here it is a new third cousin in the results of someone who really needed some more to go on.

Needless to say I have my work will be cut out for me, but I wanted to at least share that this possibility does occur and can be a meaningful path with the potential to helping us find birth family.