An adoptees journey back in time

So in about a week I will be traveling sixteen hundred miles away to see the home State of my maternal side of my birth family; in short, my natural mother’s home State of Texas. While she resides only thirty miles from my present location, many of her family reside down south.

It does not feel altogether real to me. So much time and effort put into this past year. So many years separated from so many biological relatives. Although I have certainly met one of my half-brothers and his family, and started to really “feel” the similarities in our personalities, this will be the first time in over twenty-five years I have even seen someone who qualified as a grandparent in my adopted family.

It’s humbling to even describe my adopted grandparents. They treated me like royalty and I cherish the memories I made with them. Seeing birth family who make up these same titles is astounding. This part of my story was never one I thought I would write about, let alone consider happening in reality.

I have not even started to pack my bags, as so much work needs to be wrapped up before the trip. During the day I manage a staff of information technology personnel and at night I am fully engaged with my philanthropy searching for birth relatives for others. When I am not searching, I am studying up on methodologies and historical references related to the cases I am working on. It is either that, or I am engaging in social media to keep up to date with current events and sharing knowledge.

Each day adds a little more wisdom, information, and skills toward my efforts. Yet placing in all into semi-stasis for a few days while I head down to see my natural relatives is quite an experience. I am sure, in many ways, they will seem just like anyone else. However, capturing moments where I can sense similarities, or other resemblances of a life I could have lived, will be likely something I cannot really put into words.

Throughout these past few months I have attempted to articulate my thoughts and experiences in a way that others can understand and appreciate; or at very least interpret in a personal way that helps my searchers navigate their path on this journey.