Message from our founder

I am a self-taught genealogist, avid learner of genetic DNA testing methods, and traditional searcher who has spent quite a bit of my personal time helping adoptees on their searches. I consider my adoptee friends not dissimilar to actual brothers and sisters because we all come from a similar background and experience. Although no two-search journeys are alike, there may be some similarities I faced that you too have been challenged with.

I come from a technical background and work in the Information Technology field. However, it was not always my field of choice. I once spent a great deal of time restoring artwork, and recasting picture frames damaged by years of neglect. You can say, on many levels, I have always had an attraction to things that were broke and needed fixing.

My latest interest has become my deepest devotion. Helping others finding their birth families. It has become my philanthropy. While this interest has unique obstacles and outcomes that may not always end in the way people want them to, many searches lead those few fortunate and dedicated people to something life changing…a profound truth.

There is certainly not enough resources nor time for me or our other volunteers to perform your search entirely for you, but the guidance, encouragement, science, and traditional search methodologies are here to be shared to all our visitors. If I or our volunteers can help more, we will.

Searching is only the first step that some may not find peace with, but those who do still face the challenge of reunion. Coming to terms with the guilt associated with one's friends and adopted family, balanced with the lifetime of separation with biological relatives is, without a doubt, a process that can be a mixture of joy, pain, hope, happiness, and incredible emotional turbulence.

Each one of our volunteers have extensive experience working with adoptees and the adoption community. We all have a natural interest in what makes us who we are. Yet not all of us our fortunate enough to know where we began from generations of our biological ancestors. Our goal is to bring your search to it's conclusion, with sensitivity and ultimately the hidden truth behind your conception into this world.