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First and foremost, this page is for reaching out to those special people willing to volunteer their time and effort towards helping other adoptees on their search for birth family. If you would like to volunteer and have a knack at genealogy, as well as, have a few hours every other week to devote to this cause, please fill out our Volunteer Form below.

Everyone deserves to know where they came from. Knowledge of their beginning, their ancestors, and what nature has contributed to their very individuality handed down by generations of their birth family.

If you were adopted, or any other scenario where you were separated from your birth family in the past, chances are a large parts of your family history has remained a mystery all or most of your life. At some point or another, we all want to know what exactly makes us who we are. We may have been raised in an adoptive family who we feel gave us the nurturing we needed to thrive in this world. Yet, there is a part that all adoptees feel is still missing.

It is at these times, driven by a need to know about our medical background, the nature of our birth family, or some other deeply seeded need, we must seek out and find our birth family and learn as much as possible. For it is not a search for family, so much as a search for ourselves.

Finding one’s birth family is not always easy. While the miracle of DNA testing might help us to locate cousins amongst the masses, using genetic genealogy, traditional search or other search methods, still requires dedicated individuals willing to persevere all these challenges with patience and sensitivity.

It takes a special kind of person to be the advocate for tasks that our adoptees may be initially challenged with. While Search Angels was started as a solo effort, it has certainly become a team endeavor which now affords the dedication and hours to assisting adoptees with their search for biological family.

There are literally thousands of people in every State that could be coined, Search Angels. Be they professional genealogists, genetic genealogists, cousins, or simply... friends and adopted family members who have given up their free time helping uncover the truth. We do not claim to be the first or only Search Angels, but we are certainly dedicated in helping you find peace, support and hope along your path to finding your first-families roots.

Our genealogists - search angels


Joel Chambers - founder of searchangels.com (.org & .net), I do my best to assist others on their genealogy efforts online. Use our contact page to reach out to us here. Note that our efforts are focused on the theme of this website; searching for adoptees and biological related family. We are well versed in using Ancestry.com to perform online tree building substantiated with good documentation.

I personally have extensive experience working with DNA results from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and FamilyTreeDNA. I am also familiar with using Gedmatch.com. I am an adoptee who found all his biological family over the course of a year using many resources.


Suzanne Hall - has helped individuals who were not raised by their biological parents, locate them through DNA testing and genealogy. She is a happily married mother of two boys. She spends a lot of her time lately helping others find their first families.

Tragically, she lost her own father at a young age and knows full well the pain of growing up with a missing parent. She is very comfortable in research and enjoys getting involved in very detailed work, like looking for patterns and clues. Research work is her forte and she loves a good challenge, especially when it involves helping others!

Jeri Williams - is a talented genetic genealogist and dedicated individual with well over forty years of experience in the field. She was a pivotal participant in the founders' own search for birth family.

She has worked on numerous adoptee searches and been successful with identifying results that normally might confuse others; like half-cousins in the DNA results.

She has a critical eye for working with genealogical records and has had plenty of time logged off-line; well before the Internet digitized much of the information available today. Back then you had to write letters and visit cities where people once lived. She has gone to many courthouses, tromped through cemeteries and read countless history books in her search for family.


Greg McCammon - has had a passion in genealogy dating to his early childhood. Over the years, he has turned that passion into a true desire to help individuals locate biological family members from whom they have become separated. He has an excellent understanding of DNA testing results and genealogy. He finds some of his greatest joy in life helping others find their long lost family members.

He loves a good challenge and is very detail driven, leaving no stone unturned.  He has found that paying attention to small details sometimes is the key to discovering the identities of those long lost family members. He has extensive first hand experience in DNA results and Ancestry.com.


David Neal  - Answers to the questions of family and origin is one of the most essential human desires. David has found that helping an adoptee search for their birth family is an unique opportunity to have a profound impact on another person's life. Assisting with the search is an endeavor to which he brings compassion and dedication. And he takes great pride, satisfaction, and pleasure in a successful result.

David is a software engineer by vocation and a genetic genealogist by avocation. For an adoptee search he combines genealogical problem solving skills and computer expertise together with a perseverance to solve a mystery. He has significant experience with online family tree generation and in using AncestryDNA to guide in the locating of birth relatives. He is also very knowledgable of FamilyTreeDNA and Gedcom.


Cheryl Luecke - a professional genealogist for over thirty-five years finding descendants, locating missing heirs, missing people and adoptees for attorneys and probate research firms primarily in Eastern PA. Authored Philadelphia primer for researchers and published five family genealogies field research for Ancestry.com.

Recently an unknown adoptee approached a member of their family explaining she had been looking for over forty-years for this individual. She was so affected by this tragic story she decided immediately to come out of retirement to help others in finding their birth families. We applaud her philanthropy and generosity with her skills to be counted amongst our volunteers as another search angel.

Behind the scenes - search angels


Some of our search angels prefer to remain anonymous in their participation. However, I wanted to share the first names of them here to acknowledge their deep commitment and dedication to providing our behind the scenes volunteer work:

  • Adrienne, Barbara, Dwight, Jennifer, Jessica, Jill, Justin, KristinLisa and Mitzi.