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The main purpose of our site is to assist adoptees on their search for their birth family. We always have at least twenty open cases at a time assisting individuals on what could only be described as their incredible journey. We do not charge any fee for our Basic Adoptee Search. However, we will prioritize your case, if you choose to purchase one of our PacedDedicated or Exclusive one-year subscription levels of service.

Please click on one of the levels of search you would like us to work with you on. Note that after you purchase a subscription level, you will need to goto out Search Form page to fill out and send us what you have collected so far on your search. Your search form and payment are linked to the email address you provide to us, so no need to be concerned about the order in which you proceed.

NOTE:  If you are a birth mother, father or sibling of an individual relinquished to adoption, we are not equipped to help you on your search. Please do not purchase any search level packages - as we clearly have no way to assist you directly. We have included some suggestions on our search form page.

Adoptees only - Choose your search level

Click on any of the images below to either be directed to our search form page for the basic adoptee search or any of the paid, once a year fee based, adoptee search levels; where you can add it to a shopping cart and make your payment. None of the paid levels of search will auto-renew.

All that is required is your patience

Basic Adoptee Search

This pace of search has certainly been a favorite for our adoptees. It is also the basic premise behind being a search angel. Some may choose to contribute at the end of a search and some just thank us for our assistance. No fee is necessary for our help.

Once a year fee, no obligation to renew

Paced Adoptee Search

There is a concerted effort put in each week to try and make some progress on your search. We always have a busy case load, but this guarantees our involvement every week.

Once a year fee, no obligation to renew


We make every effort to put your case at the top of our list. You receive our dedicated attention to try and make progress each week and loop you in each step of the way. 

Once a year fee, no obligation to renew


We make every effort to put your case at the top of our list and provide an extra level of depth and focus to uncovering your birth relatives. You receive our exclusive attention to try and make progress each week and loop you in each step of the way. 

No matter what pace of search you want us to participate in, if you are ready to proceed, gather your notes, and head over to our search form page to fill out as many details as possible. We will review your case and get back to you as soon as possible!

How long does it take?

While each search for birth family is unique, many ask how long it will take. It depends on many factors, but on average a birth parent is usually found within the first year of a search that can include autosomal DNA testing, some background information and possibly a non-identifying information document from the State of birth adoption agency who handled your case.

What is our success rate?

Our cases vary from adoptees looking for their birth parents to children of adopted parents, or even grandparents, who are looking to identify their birth families. Some adoptees come to us who already found one birth parent, but have been unable to find the other.

There are very few people who start a search and actually stop trying to bring it to conclusion. So it is hard to actually say how many searches ever really fail to produce results. However, if we were to say how many cases have we solved over the past two years vs. how many are still open, the chart below can give you a clearer picture. 

What better way to describe our success than to hear it directly from those who we have helped. Take a look at our testimonials page to understand the impact it has made.

Genealogical Services

Watch your family history come to life as our experts solve family mysteries, break down brick walls, resolve adoption mysteries, and discover the stories that tell you who you are and where you came from.

Our researchers have spent years helping clients resolve difficult family history, find family members through DNA analysis, and trace their family roots. Using online and offline resources, we have the experience and passion to help you reach your family history goals.

The first step to success is figuring out how we can help you reach your goals. We'll get to know your story, assess how much time the project will take, and explain what results you can expect.

We're in this together. We know that the best way to help our clients reach their goals is to work as partners. We'll get started by reviewing the research you've done. Then, we'll share our findings along the way so you can ask questions, evaluate your goals, and see the progress we've made.

Our professional researchers have been helping people just like you trace their family trees and connect with the past. We are not just genealogists, we are people who care deeply about connecting our clients to their past.


The owner/founder of is a member of (APG) and follows their Code of Ethics when working in association to the best practices adopted by the genealogical professional community.


The owner/founder of is also a member of the National Genealogical Society (NGS). We encourage all those familiar with genealogy to join up and expand their knowledge. Learn more about NGS here.

National Genealogical Society Member


We do our best to assist others on their genealogy efforts online. Much of our expertise is researching digital content at, and other dependable online resources.

We have extensive experience working with DNA results from AncestryDNA23andMe, and FamilyTreeDNA. We are also familiar with using

We strongly encourage anyone delving into their familial past to take an autosomal DNA test. While documentation can certainly help provide the foundation of researching your family, science has come a long way in substantiating facts from fiction. It can also help us leap beyond brick walls where documentation is just not available to help prove your lineage.