Help our volunteer genealogists cover their costs

Our goal is to help you find your family at no cost. Does it mean you have to contribute to get our help? Absolutely not. However, our volunteer genealogists have been known to spend days, if not weeks and months, working out the genealogy of known biological relatives in an attempt resolve searches for birth family. 

We are definitely not involved in these searches to profit off the misery of adoptees and birth family. Our aim is to bring peace of mind and the truth withheld from those affected by adoption.

If you decide to make a non-tax deductible contribution, understand that goes toward costs currently shouldered entirely by our volunteers working on adoptee searches for birth family. This includes the use of volunteers' paid subscriptions to,,, our online web presence, phone calls to adoptees, and hundreds of donated hours performing genealogy.

Note that we never solicit those touched by adoption. All donations are purely voluntary. If any donations exceed our costs we return those donations to non-profit organizations with similar goals and like minded interests on your behalf. Some of these non-profit organizations contributed to already include: and

Thank you for your consideration.