Performing a search to find birth family is challenging. It requires patience, zeal, and a willingness to learn about new processes that can widen the possibility of substantiating the most likely location of close biological relatives. Understand that our volunteers are skilled at finding adoptee's birth family through both traditional search and genetic genealogy. We simply do not have the tools nor access to legally unseal birth records to find the children relinquished to adoption for birth parents or their siblings. If you happen to be a birth parent or sibling of an adoptee, please check their State of birth for what legal rights you might have or may currently be in legislation for change here.

When it comes to adoptees, we certainly do bring to the table an understanding about genetic genealogy, thorough first hand experience regarding DNA testing with third party companies, which enlightens us about your biological cousins. In one way or another all of our volunteers are touched by adoption and it deepens our dedication and sensitivity in regard to building out the initial genealogy of your ancestors. Our perspective regarding these trials, triumphs, and tribulations are echoed in our founders' blog posts.

This website is a mirror to the tenacity required by all the search assistants, who have spent countless hours helping adoptees with their searches for their biological family. Moving forward is never easy, but with a lot of encouragement, shared sentiment from fellow adoptees, and your commitment to stay the course, anything is possible.

While it become unnecessary for an adoptees to become too deeply involved in a search, some decide to become more actively connected to the search. In those case we encourage folks to consider getting an month-to-month subscription to ancestry. If you prefer to evaluate their document research capability before combing to a subscript, you are encouraged to take advantge of their 14-day trial.

Your Journey

Find out about what we can to do help you get organized, prepare for your journey, suggest search methods, and most of all be patient. All our time with people is philanthropically based. We have a link for donations to help defray expenses related to the tools we will use while assisting you on your journey.

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Ready to take the next step? Perhaps your search has been a lonely one that has led from one dead end to the next. Help us help you on the next step you may have overlooked. Our goal is to help you to succeed.

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